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Amy Caudill admits that she is a dreamer.  From when she first learned to read she loved to immerse herself in fantastical worlds where anything imaginable could come true.  She read practically anything she could get her hands on, from science fiction and fantasy to paranormal stories and mysteries. She knew she wanted to be a writer early on, and her first efforts extended to the school newspaper and a play she co-authored that were produced on the elementary school stage.

Ms. Caudill’s characters live in worlds where the boundaries of reality are slightly fluid, where a seemingly ordinary man can howl at the moon, and the monsters of the night walk in daylight and wear ordinary faces. She is a fan of the inner hero, of the strength that comes from meeting a challenge head on and exceeding one’s own expectations.  She writes the kind of characters she always wanted to read-true heroes who strive to do what is right and necessary, despite the opposition and their own fears. She hopes her work can inspire others to live up to their potential, and reach for the dream that seems beyond their grasp.

Her own adventures have been mostly tame compared to those of her characters, but she draws inspiration from her background and an assortment of jobs for her writing.  She grew up in the foothills of Tennessee, in the shadows of the Great Smoky Mountains, which will always be the home of her heart.  As an adult, she moved with her husband to Cincinnati, Ohio where they raised two children.  She spent time working as a delivery person, a daycare teacher, a factory worker, a knife salesman and a greenhouse specialist, before joining the healthcare profession.  She has seventeen years under her belt working with the public as an optician.  She also has studied fencing and kenpo ju-jitsu, which have come in handy drafting action scenes.

She graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a degree in Creative Writing and English in the spring of 2016, and just finished her first novel, Virtual, which is now available on Amazon for Kindle.  Samples of her short stories are available on this site.  When not writing or reading, she spends time with her husband, and enjoys hiking, gardening, and watching favorite movies and TV shows.

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