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First look–Kenneth Branagh and all-star cast bring Christie’s Poirot back to the big screen —

Everyone is a suspect. The clues are everywhere. For mystery lovers, it’s a staple. It’s Agatha Christie’s most well-known 1934 novel come to life, Murder on the Orient Express, the fourth major production for film or television of the classic whodunit in the English language–the 1974 Academy Award winning Sidney Lumet film being the best known. […]

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Writing Magic: Politicizing Fan Culture

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, the most inexhaustible form of magic we have, capable both of inflicting injury and remedying it.” ~ Albus Dumbledore Fans are no doubt aware that online fanfics and the communities in which they circulate house rich critiques about gender, sexuality, race and identity. In fact, many fan writers deliberately insert […]

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Here’s How Much Some Iconic Movie Houses Are Worth

Have you ever watched Home Alone and wondered what in the world Kevin’s dad must do for a living to be able to afford that gorgeous home and a Christmas vacation to Paris for the entire family? It’s the type of thought which likely only occurs to you as you get older and face the […]

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Repost:Ten really bad sci-fi/fantasy finales for Game of Thrones to avoid imitating

Game of Thrones will be entering its latest season with fans holding their breath about the fate of Jon Snow and others, and rumors has already begun to swirl about if next season will be the one in which HBO and George R.R. Martin finally decide to put a wrap on the conflicts within Westeros. While […]

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What’s IT All About?: How We Forgot the Murderous Clown

Adrian Daub’s fascinating essay in the LA Review of Books on the Stephen King classic IT — now 30 years old — reveals that the real horror of IT wasn’t Pennywise the supernatural clown, but our own, entirely human ability to forget the horrors of the past.

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Okay, I admit it, I never actually read the book myself.  I did however, watch the miniseries made about it, and had nightmares for months after.  Who would imagine that a clown, the very image of childhood innocence and fun, could be so terrifying?   Perhaps that was Stephen King’s intent.  Who would expect the icon of circuses and birthday parties could embody evil?

What monsters of books or screen terrify you the most?  I’d love to hear from you.


The Ten Most Anticipated Films of 2017 & More

There’s nothing like the anticipation of a good action film to lift spirits when the bleak wet and cold of January keeps us indoors. This year’s crop of new movies and sequels certainly looks promising!


Star Lord blazing guns


By looking at the 2017 films coming out, it’s clear that we fans are in a golden age of genre films. There are many sci-fi, superhero, fantasy, animated and horror films coming out this year that are quite tantalizing. These are the most promising looking of the bunch. However, it’s a guarantee that some of the films on this list will be colossal disappointments while there will be films that weren’t even mentioned that will defy low expectations. With that said, let’s look at the coming 2017 films; remember the release dates are still subject to change.

10. Spider-Man: Homecoming (July 7): Marvel Comics’ flagship superhero has his first solo film in the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).  Fingers crossed that this Spider-Man reboot will resonate.


9. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets(July 21): Director Luc Besson’s adaptation of the French space opera comic book looks…

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An etymology goes “rogue”

Some interesting thoughts on the title of the newest addition to a franchise-with no real spoiler alerts for those who haven’t made it into a theater yet this season!

Mashed Radish

The latest Star Wars move, Rogue One, is out this week. The director, Gareth Edwards explained that its title functions as a military call sign, like Air Force One, and alludes to the Rogue Squadron and Rogue Group, an important troop of Rebel fighters in the original Star Wars films. (Rogue One features Rebel spies.) Edwards also said the title nods to the fact that his movie is the “rogue” one: the first standaloneStar Wars film outside the main storyline.

So that’s how Rogue One came to be so called, in part. But how did rogue get its name?

A rogue operation

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) first documents rogue, as roge, in 1489, when it referred to a “vagrant.” Over the course of the 16th century, the sense of rogue shifted. By the 1560s, it referred to a “scoundrel,” by…

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