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Bones of  the Lost by Kathy Reichs

Bones of the Lost (Temperance Brennan #16) 
by Kathy Reichs (Goodreads Author)


Amy Caudill‘s review
Jul 25, 2017  
Kathy Reichs is not a paranormal writer, but the dead speak to her anyway. Both Reichs, and her main character, Dr. Temperance Brennan, are forensic anthropologists who examine the remains of unexplained deaths and allow the bones of these bodies to tell their story.
In the 16th installment of Reichs’ series, Bones of the Lost, Brennan is assigned to examine the remnants of a set of mummified dogs that have been smuggled from Peru, and sent to the Charlotte-Mecklenberg coroner’s office in North Carolina for examination and confirmation. At the same time, the remains of a young, unidentified hit-and-run victim are brought in. Little does Brennan expect at the time, but these two cases will prove to be linked in a story that takes her from North Carolina to Afghanistan and back.
Brennan becomes the victim of a vicious, mysterious attacker as she uncovers evidence of murder, prostitution, and human trafficking. She faces danger head on, with the support of Detective Slidell, and her ex-husband Pete, who may or may not be interested in competing for her affections against off-again ex-lover Ryan.
Brennan is deeply passionate about both the victims she examines and those she may be able to help prevent landing on her morgue table. Reichs’ story touches a number of current social issues, from the war and gender discrimination in Afghanistan, to the rise in human trafficking, complete with relevant data and figures. Reichs’ true-life experiences with the subject matter show vividly in this compelling story that was difficult to put down until I’d reached the end.

Kacinema Thoughts #1: The 13th Doctor Reveal

For the first time ever a female timelord will be in control of the Tardis. Jodie Whittaker’s (from BBC’s Broadchurch) appointment as the thirteenth incarnation of Dr. Who this week has already sparked controversy among fans of the series. Here’s some first looks at the next season of the iconic series.

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So before I get into my actual thoughts on this, I feel I should explain why I felt the need to talk about it. Firstly, let me give some context to what’s going on for those who don’t know so much about Doctor Who. The series premiered on November 23, 1963 and starred William Hartnell as the titular Doctor. The Doctor is a Timelord from a distant planet called Gallifrey and goes on many crazy and wondrous adventures through time and space along with a companion or companions to take on them in his spaceship shaped like an old police phone box. But after 4 years of doing the show, Hartnell wished to leave the show. So it was written into the story that Timelords, when fatally injured, can regenerate.

And thus, from that point on, every few years, the Doctor would regenerate and take on a new face, sometimes…

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Answering a Footprints Challenge

A fellow blogger issued a short, short story challenge based on a photo he posted on his site, and I decided to answer it, with a science fiction theme, of course.  Here is my post, along with a link back to the original site and story.

Footprints in the Sand

Captain Drake stood a short distance from his crew as they took readings from the surface of the deserted planet.  They had landed near the remnants of a small settlement which was overgrown with vegetation and lacking any signs of human life.  They would analyze air, water, bacterial content- anything that could explain the disappearance of the colonists.  So far, they had found nothing.

Drake stepped away from his crew, toward the nearby sea.  Near the edge of the water he spotted a set of footprints, made by bare feet, along with a circular impression that might have been left by a cane.

The footprints seemed to go directly into the sea, as if the person had simply walked into the water and disappeared, but where was their owner now?  These tracks in the sand might be the last testament of those who once lived here.

Frank Angle’s Story

Take Time to Celebrate!


All across the United States today, people are pausing to remember, and think about, loved ones who are serving or have served in our armed forces.  Very few of us have not been touched in some way by those in service of the country; either by veterans past or present, or perhaps tales of loved ones only known from photos and a flower-bedecked marker in a cemetery.

While it can be hard to remember or miss, there are still causes for celebration today.  Another year of freedom.  Another year of living in a country where many things are possible.  A time to spend with family and friends, a time to overeat, a time to reminisce.

A time to enjoy fireworks.  Perhaps where you live you’ve already seen some this year.  After all, some parts of the country held their shows early to allow for the fact this holiday fell on a Tuesday this year.  But for all of us, fireworks are an excuse to indulge in childlike wonder, a feeling that can be hard to capture when our thoughts turn to turbulent times and painful reminders.  While we honor those who have done their duty, take time to take pleasure in those things around us; after all, the joy we find in life is what makes it worth living and fighting for.

Happy Independence Day to all!