Crossovers-Guilty Little Pleasures

Crossovers-Guilty Little Pleasures

Who among fans of science fiction and fantasy hasn’t indulged in, or at least fantasized about, a crossover between our favorite characters/universes/series?  Under what circumstances could our favorites meet and interact?  Could they work together, forge friendships, fall in love?  Who would win in a fight?

Fortunately, writers of TV shows, comic books, cartoons, and movies seem to be just as interested as fans in the “what ifs”.  For this reason, crossovers have existed for as long as media has been around.  Take for example the crossover between Adam West’s Batman and The Green Hornet.  Granted, these two shows are vastly different from later incarnations, but the fact remains that intermingling the casts of two popular shows heightened the excitement for audiences and left them longing for more.

Movie producers and writers have used crossovers to varying effects, from mixing characters from completely different universes for the purpose of epic battles, such as with Alien vs. Predator or Freddie vs. Jason, or to allow characters from the same universe to join forces, such as The Avengers, which combined the stars of Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor.

Television producers and writers have likewise combined the characters from various shows, like the recent two-part collaboration between the casts of Bones and Sleepy Hollow, where the main characters of each visited each other on their home turf and conducted joint investigations into murder and the supernatural.

For those avid fans who have yet to find their perfect crossover done by the professionals, check out your favorite site of fanfiction.  There are plenty of aspiring writers out there who share their vision and imagination, and devote pages to their favorite combinations of characters in either canon or completely original situations.

What are your thoughts on crossovers? Do you enjoy them, or hate the deviation from canon?  Is there a particular one you would love to see?

Please send me your comments.  I would love to see them and share them with other readers.



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