Love in the Genres 4- When Love Saves the World

Love in the Genres 4-When Love Saves the World

This month we’ve explored couples from science fiction, fantasy and paranormal genres who have found love under extraordinary circumstances; that have faced tremendous odds; and who have beaten overwhelming obstacles.  How often do we see a love story so epic that at its heart is the power to save the world?  Each of the couples mentioned tonight have accomplished exactly that, together.

Neo and Trinity live in a world that has been destroyed by a war between humans and their creations.  They have defied the odds to live, to find the truth beyond the Matrix, and to become leaders in the rebellion against the machines.  After Trinity convinces Neo to live again when he is shot in the first movie, she helps set him on his path to victory.  Together they fight enemies that are stronger, smarter, and faster, because they are machines.  Together they pilot a ship into the “heart” of the machines, where Trinity is mortally wounded.  Neo has to save the day alone, but he never would have succeeded without Trinity’s encouragement and love.  For her, he stops Agent Smith and saves humanity from enslavement.

In The Fifth Element, Korben Dallas is not looking to save the world when Leeloo literally falls from the sky.  He is drawn to her from the first moment, despite the fact they do not speak the same language. When he is assigned a mission to save the universe, he draws on dormant skills to take out as many of the enemy as possible, but the ultimate weapon is actually the red-haired girl beside him.  Leeloo is discouraged by what humanity has become, and says “I was built to protect…I don’t know love.”  Ultimately it is Korben’s love for her that inspires her to save the planet, and the galaxy, one more time.  The Supreme Being needs love in her life, and with Korben, she finally understands exactly what she’s fighting for.

Two beings on a faraway planet, Pandora, are a very unlikely match.  One, a native, Neytiri, is deeply in touch with the connection between all living things on her planet.  The other, Jake Sully, is a human from Earth who interfaces with a hybrid Avatar to communicate with the Na’vi and explore their home world.  When Jake and Neytiri learn that the corporation sponsoring Jake’s mission is determined to exploit Pandora, even if it means destroying it, Neytiri has to get over Jake’s seeming betrayal, in time for them to unite her people and save their planet.  Neither of them can accomplish this alone.  Without her acceptance, Jake would die, and without his help, so would the Na’vi.

Great couples come together to help each other achieve their goals, to reach their potential, and to encourage them to strive for greatness.  Few couples will ever achieve as much as these three, but it is good to know that, in love, couples can bring the best in each other.  May you find and keep a love that inspires you, strengthens you, and guides you.

Thank you for reading.




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