Celebration and Goals

Celebration and Goals

This weekend I was blessed to celebrate with my family as I finally reached a long-awaited milestone, completing my college degree.  I started to college originally twenty-seven years ago, but put aside that dream for marriage and family three years later.  Now, in my mid-forties, and with two college-age children of my own, I finally can say I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern New Hampshire in Creative Writing and English.

I do not regret for one minute the life I’ve had, or the decision to put my own dreams aside to care for my family, but even after all this time it still feels great to finally be done.  Like I’ve accomplished something important.  Like I’ve finished what I started.

This degree may not completely change my life.  I like to think the experiences I’ve gained while studying literature and writing will help me fulfill other dreams, and the computer skills I’ve had to master along the way will be useful in other endeavors. However, the biggest accomplishment I’ve made today is in the fact that yes, I did what I started out to do, and yes, if I can do it, so can my kids, and so can anyone who wishes to and is willing to put in the work.

I have other dreams to pursue, especially on the writing front.  I’m currently editing a book I have been writing for years, and will use the insight and critiques I have garnered from discussion groups to have it published later this year.   Look for my novel, tentatively entitled Virtual on Amazon later this year, and for samples of my writing on this website and on Goodreads in the meantime.  I plan to be sharing more excerpts with you soon, and honestly appreciate all feedback on my work.

Thank you,



1 thought on “Celebration and Goals

  1. Amy,

    Congratulations! In my opinion, you not only completed the course – you applied the lessons. That will mean more going forward than a simple piece of paper. Bob


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