Though summer doesn’t officially begin for three more weeks, Memorial Day weekend kicks off the season in style.  One of the favorite things about this time of year for kids, and those who are forever young at heart, is the explosion of small containers of explosives mixed with rainbow hues to create a visual masterpiece against the night sky.

What always attracted me to fireworks shows when I was young was not the noise-in fact I often stood to watch them with my hands firmly over my ears-or the crowds, or the thrill of being outside far later than I was usually allowed.  What I enjoyed most was the surprise that came when a firework bloomed into full color, or multiple colors.  As a spectator I never knew what would appear next, but waited in intense anticipation.


Fireworks can mean more than just a breathtaking image-a firework is a moment of inspiration, of imagination, of fruition of a dream.  Fireworks can symbolize that impulse that drives us forward to explore and accomplish more than we ever thought possible.

As writers when fireworks, or inspiration, strikes at our hearts as we sit at the keyboard or take an old-fashioned notebook out into nature, we never know what form it may take.  We don’t know the exact moment it will come either; we can only hope that when it hits us we will recognize it for what it is, and have some means of preserving the thought on hand.  We live to see the next group of fireworks, and let it lead us into the next paragraph, the next chapter, and the next completed manuscript.

Here’s hoping your supply of fireworks is plentiful this summer, and as you enjoy the visual display that you also find the keys to unlocking a dream you had forgotten or never realized you could achieve.

Happy Memorial Day! everyone.



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