Who Ya Gonna Call, Again?

Who Ya Gonna Call, Again?

The summer that the original Ghostbusters movie came out, its soon-to-be iconic theme song clogged the radio airwaves, inspiring rapid fans everywhere.  The cast of characters featured the most unlikely of action heroes, but those traits made them all the more appealing.  The Lothario wanna-be with a heart of gold, Dr. Venkman, the uber-nerd who was blind to the attraction Jeanine had for him, Dr. Spengler, and the loveable goofball Dr. Ray Stantz found their way into our hearts as they faced unlikely foes for the fate of New York City.


The original Oscar-winning story involved a pitted battle with the EPA, a romance in the making between Peter and Dana, brotherly bonding between friends, and an attempted takeover of the world by supernatural forces.  What more could you ask for?  But this was not solely an action movie, it was billed as a comedy, and even with the fate of the world in the balance it delivered a light-hearted appeal.

Now thirty years later, the original film is being remade, with a mostly female cast, and is due out on July 15thGhostbusters 2.0 has already had its share of controversy, from the fact that someone dared remake the icon in the first place, to the choice in casting.

The new movie is not a sequel, but a new interpretation of the original story that captured audience’s attention.  The four new ghostbusters, all female, including Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig, have come together after having faced scorn for their belief in the existence of ghosts.  They are intelligent and fiercely brave, and together will not only be vindicated, but will once again save the city.  They are joined by an appropriately hunky male secretary, who offers a nice contrast to the girl powered cast.


Will the new movie top the original in memorable quotes, comedy slapstick, and feel-good moments?  Will this cast of female action heroes live up to the standards set by the originals?  Personally, I can’t wait to find out.

Happy summer movie watching!



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