If at First You Don’t Succeed-Redefining Failure

If at First You Don’t Succeed-Redefining Failure

There are times when no matter how hard we try, we simply are unable to accomplish what we set out to do, be it a short-term venture or a long-term goal.  These incidents can make us feel inadequate, unsuccessful, or worse-like failures.  That isn’t always the case though; sometimes we simply need to change our thinking to realize that while we may not achieve our original objective, we may be more successful than we realize.

No new venture is without pitfalls.  The Wright brothers did not achieve flight on their first attempt.  Edison was not able to develop a working lightbulb without a few setbacks along the way.  Sometimes the road to solving a problem is not a straight line, but requires a few twists and turns that cannot be anticipated, but must be experienced before the correct solution presents itself.

Writers are famous for changing words, lines, pages, even entire stories multiple times before they arrive at a finished product.  These changes come from new perspectives incurred under varying conditions, such as life itself.  If the end product is not what you imagined at the beginning, does that mean it is not good?  That’s like taking a road trip and not expecting any unforeseen stops or complications along the way- the world is seldom like that.

So what do you do when plans or actions fall short of your goals? Do you give up?  Or do you take what you’ve learned from the experience and go forward?  Do you follow the twists and turns until you find the answer that is perfect for you?

I know what I what to say I do each time, and what I encourage my kids to do.  I hope you all take the high road, the one that leads through the challenges and arrives at well-earned success in the right time and place.

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