Feeling the “Fall”

I admit it, summer’s not my season.  When the mercury rises above the 90 degree mark and the humidity takes on the consistency of pea soup, I would rather be in an air-conditioned house than outside working on my tan.  My outlook on the great outdoors changes, though, as September comes and the first hints of autumn stir the breeze.

Crisp, cool air assails my senses and invigorates my resolve as a cascade of colorful leaves covers meticulously green lawns.  Harvest festivals tempt with scents of apples and pumpkin spice and overwhelm with their bounty.

~Autumn Leaves~

Photo credit: ~Xiu Xiu~ via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

As anticipation of cool nights and upcoming celebrations lurks around the corner, I find myself enthralled by the wonders of the season and as hopeful as a child to bring out the holiday decorations, to rearrange the furniture to accommodate jack-o-lanterns (and later Christmas trees), to plan festive desserts and an array of the perfect gifts for various and sundry.

Suddenly it is impossible to step in a store without a reminder of the season in terms of Halloween costumes and colorful pumpkins, both natural and crafted out of every material imaginable.  It’s time to purchase mums and look for orange candles, to unearth dusty Styrofoam tombstones and stockpile treats for costumed visitors.

Halloween is Coming

Photo credit: Muffet via Foter.com / CC BY

The harvest moon dominates the autumn sky, as stories of ghosts and monsters both glamorous and macabre appear in abundance on both large and small screens, as well as from groups gathered around a bonfire-whisperings of imaginings that excite the spirit as we take pleasure in those things that frighten us, that “go bump in the night.”

It’s time to let go of the summer projects that were never finished or even began, and focus instead on the necessities of the new season to come.  Whatever part of the season moves you; be it football, holidays, tailgating, apple picking, Christmas shopping (how many days are left?); fall is a time for revival and reflection, for thanksgiving and enjoying both the season and the company.

I hope you enjoy yourself as much as I plan to!



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