“Spring” as a Metaphor

As we begin the first week of April the Midwest is finally seeing the promise made by the groundhog’s shadow and the advent of the vernal equinox fulfilled.   The trees are budding and flowers begin to bloom in sunny beds, but this “spring” can mean more to our lives than a call for lighter clothing. The warmer weather beckons us to get outside, and live-walk, play, plant a garden, or simply to enjoy the fresh scents and sights of the season as the cold retreats and the snow and ice disappear.

People walking under trees in pink blossom

Photo credit: Foter.com

The season we call “spring” heralds mild weather and new plant and animal life, but the concept of spring is also symbolic of renewal, rebirth, and a fresh take on our lives and surroundings.   We can be filled with a sense of restored energy, the motivation and inspiration to make changes, to learn a new skill or try a new direction.

Spring can be just the excuse we need to finish, or start, the project we’ve been putting off.  What better time, than when everything around us is green and new, to create, to complete, to reinvent our own selves?

Children in tulip field

Photo credit: Foter.com

So let’s take up the challenge most of us abandoned along with our new year’s resolutions.  Let’s finish those home improvement projects, let’s dig into the fertile soil and write a new chapter in our lives.   Let’s strive, once again, to be the individuals whom we’ve always dreamed we’d be, if only we had another chance.  Today, and this season, is the time to reassess our goals, and look forward optimistically for a better future.  After all, the earth itself renews with the new season, so why can’t we?

Happy Spring,




2 thoughts on ““Spring” as a Metaphor

  1. Hi Amy, happy spring weekend to you! So true that we can look at the new, fresh season as a metaphor for renewing ourselves – I like that imagery very much!


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