It’s Finally Here!

I couldn’t wait to announce the release of my first book at long last!  Thanks to all those who have faithfully followed me during the course of this journey.  I would never have made it without you.  So here it is, finally:

Virtual: Can you be sure what's real? by [Caudill, Amy]

Virtual is the story of a woman who is only looking for a little excitement when signing up to help test a new virtual reality game world.  Along the way she stumbles across a sinister plot and discovers she is capable of more than she ever imagined.  Please check it out on Amazon Kindle.


9 thoughts on “It’s Finally Here!

  1. Congratulations Amy. I’ve enjoyed the first four chapters. You were so entertaining that I rode an extra 3 miles on the exercise bike reading it. I’m working as a branch chief at the Army National Simulations Center. Some of the stuff Pete is developing are nearly real now. Can you have book two done before I finish this one? Bob

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    1. Thank you Bob. I’m glad you like it so far, and I’m glad my book is proving to be timely. I never imagined it would become exercise motivation. While I have started on a sequel, it’s not going to be ready quite that fast!


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