Amy Caudill’s Reviews : Own Your Everyday

Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley

Own Your Everyday: Overcome the Pressure to Prove and Show Up for What You’re Made to Do
by Jordan Lee Dooley
Amy Caudill‘s review  

While I don’t often read so-called self-help books, I was gifted this one for Christmas this past year by someone who is really a big fan of Jordan Lee Dooley’s podcasts and blog, so I decided to read it and was definitely impressed. 

The author takes a positive, optimistic view of life-as we make it for ourselves-and who doesn’t need a little extra help being positive in today’s current world crisis?  She uses simple language to layout her views, and shares her own experiences in a straightforward manner that draws the reader in and allows us to relate to her as if we were having an intimate, one-on-one discussion at her kitchen table.

Dooley shares with the reader that our attitude and perspective can make all the difference in how we view our lives, our goals, and our current situation and living conditions.  She uses the reasoning that we can actually turn our circumstances around being simply changing our point of view-we simply need to view failures as learning opportunities, setbacks as a chance to try a new direction, and uncertainties as a time to evaluate and refocus on our goals.

The overall theme of the book is its okay to be who we really are, and not just the idealized labels that we want others to perceive as us.  We are human beings, and worthy of love without having to earn it through our achievements, work ethic, or whatever demands we place on ourselves.

I feel the author raises a lot of good points, and while the book is more geared to the female mindset-she addresses the reader as “Sister” frequently-I feel that many of the “truths” she shares are applicable universally. 

This is definitely worth reading for any who needs a little boost in spirit or a little help in finding their purpose in life (and who doesn’t need that from time to time?)  I give this book five stars.


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