You’re here for the science, I’m here for the fiction

A fellow blogger shares his thoughts on critics who try to impose too much “scientific accuracy” on popular movies.

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Whatever happened to suspension of disbelief? Every time I load YouTube, I see that there’s a new video from the Nerdist explaining the science behind science fiction and fantasy films and TV shows. CinemaSins, best known for their “Everything Wrong With” series, does comedic criticism of movies which focuses on the quality of movies while also touching on stuff like continuity, but frequently gets overly fixated on various minutia that really don’t seem to matter. If an action hero jumps out of a window and lands unscathed in such a way that might break a bone for a normal person, CinemaSins sees this as a “sin.”

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Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate scientifically accurate films. I think it’s great when people can get involved in movies like Interstellar because of their scientific accuracy. And if films, like Interstellar, want to do their scientific research to create a fictional world grounded…

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2 thoughts on “You’re here for the science, I’m here for the fiction

  1. I’m willing to give movies some liberties when they are fictional plots; more so then if they are memoirs or biographies. I was sad to see Wonder Woman had been criticized for that boat scene – personally it didn’t take away from the main themes at all for me that this part was slightly inaccurate 🙂

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  2. I absolutely loved Wonder Woman, and I realize that it is a fictional movie about a fictional character, so I personally wasn’t too concerned about historical or scientific accuracy. However, it was obvious to me that the producers, costume designers, and expert consultants did some research, because in general the sets, weaponry, and general attitudes of the characters did reflect the time period. I agree that a few minor details wasn’t at all a detractor to the overall movie.


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